The B1G1 community is creating huge ripples of positive change in the world and I consider it a huge honour to be a part of it all with you.

However, the paths we have to forge can often be unique, new and risky.

As a conscious social entrepreneur, there are going to be times (likely many) when you will be faced with making a difficult decision.   Sometimes they’ll be big and sometimes they’ll be small. But they will always be important.

  • Should you take a risk on something that could truly change the world for the better but which has never been done before?
  • Should you say Yes to the invitation that’s been extended to you or should you wait until you are more prepared?
  • Should you say No to the lucrative opportunity that doesn’t fill your heart with joy?


Making big decisions is part of the territory when you want to change the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary an easy thing to do… until now that is!

I have been crafting and refining the Instant Alignment Method (IAM) for most of my life and it is now at a point where it’s effects are… well… INSTANT.

I’ve made a decision to give this training to the B1G1 community for free because I believe in what we are doing here together.  I believe that we really can make the world a better place through business and I want to help you make the decisions that will make your journey more successful more quickly and more sustainably.

Please take this training with my blessings and use it whenever you need to.  And please reach out to me if you have any questions at all.